What makes decent videos, great? Original ideas yes. But more often than not the difference between a winning and mediocre upload comes down to what happens in post – your success in the production and editing rooms.

Once you’ve captured enough raw footage, think about what you really need to tell your story, and really think about what audiences will want to watch. No one wants to sit through a webcam video of you rambling. Flubs and bloopers can add humor, but they need to be well-timed and well-placed.  

Here’s the breakdown on the best ways to cut down and add-on – ensuring you deliver top performing vids:

YouTube Video Editing Tips

Start Strong

Cut to the chase off the bat, and get viewers’ attention in those critical first few seconds. If you’re using an animated intro, make sure it’s not too lengthy, creating clickaways before your content even begins.

Cut & Paste

Film smaller video clips that can be edited and merged into one well-formatted upload. Film from varying angles, and utilize transitions to keep the finished product dynamic, and keep viewers engaged.

Be Selective

Quicken the pace by thinking critically about what footage is worth keeping, and what’s better suited for the cutting room floor. Also, look at what else is out there. Just a few years ago, average short-form content on YouTube was 7-10 minutes long. Today it’s averaging closer to 3. Find out what people are watching, and for how long.

Embellish The Story

Once you’ve pieced together a solid finished product, add on extras to give it some “wow” factor. Adding in well-placed background music, overlaying graphic templates, imagery, text, and leveraging other effects can make all the difference in how the final product performs.


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YouTube Video Editing: Get Your Vids Looking Trim & At Their Finest!

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