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Can you believe that we’ve already had a decade of YouTubing? The site that revolutionized online video and changed the face of entertainment is about to celebrate its tenth birthday and Social Blade has got something awesome planned to commemorate the occasion –  and we want all of you to get involved!

That Time Elephants Started It All…

Who can forget classic clips like “Charlie Bit My Finger”, “David After Dentist”, and countless other amatuer uploads that became some of the biggest phenomenons in popular culture. YouTube has spun so many major moments, but how many of you know about the first moment that ever went live? It was a twenty-second clip called “Me at the zoo”, featuring a guy standing in front of an elephant enclosure, that started it all! Social Blade is celebrating the tenth anniversary by creating a MASSIVE collab video that pays tribute to this moment, and asking creators everywhere to film their own take on this true classic.

Join The Celebration – Make and Submit Your Own Elephant-Inspired Upload!

If you want to be a part of this epic tribute, create a 15-20 second clip that features yourself in front of elephants. Make a sign that has your YouTube name and the date you joined and hold it up! Once you’re done, submit your video here and Social Blade will add it to their compilation! After the submission deadline on March 31st, Social Blade will put together all your clips, and release the finished product on their site that you can then share with your fans!


Let’s say you don’t live near a zoo (or jungle) but want to take part, don’t stress! There’s still plenty of creative ways to still be a part of this. You can build an elephant pen on Minecraft, set up a “zoo” with stuffed animals or even wear an elephant costume yourself. Just find a way to incorporate your sign and elephants in some form and you’ll be golden!

For more details visit Social Blade.

YouTube is Turning 10! Here’s An Awesome Way to Celebrate!

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  • Hi, I’ve got a question. when can we watch the ready result? I’ve posted my part for this Celebration, but still got no response as to when it airs and where.

    • Hi Anush,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on the blog. The release is expected to coincide with the anniversary of the first video uploaded to YouTube later this month.

      If you have any more questions, or would like further information, please contact support@bbtv.com.

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