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So you’ve decided to take the plunge and start up your very own YouTube channel. Daunting, no? Trying to get your name out there in a sea of millions of creators. So how can you increase your chances of being discovered?

We decided to go straight to the source in the office, and chat with BBTV’s own rising YouTuber Marlon Doll about what it takes to get some traction going on your channel and a few key tips to remember as a new voice in the YouTube marketplace. Marlon’s series, Bachelor on a Budget, is only a few months old and has already gained sizable viewership – so we want to know, what’s the secret? And more importantly, what has someone going through it learned! 

In Part One of our YouTube For Starters Series, Marlon gives you the lowdown on the importance of discovering what really drives you, and creating a personal brand. Check it out below:

Step 1: Find a genre you’re passionate about

The first step to creating a successful YouTube channel is figuring out what you’re passionate about. You’ll want to consider a niche topic that you’ll be excited about producing content for months down the line, as you’ll find yourself fully immersed in the subject.

When you’re truly inspired, it will be easy to embody the biggest traits audiences pick up on:

  • Authenticity
  • Authority
  • Passion

For me, I found my passion in cooking.  I buy food items that are often on sale or aren’t too expensive to make my dishes. Together, I found the inspiration for my series “Bachelor on a Budget”, in which I teach people how to create healthy, tasty, and affordable meals.

I get excited every time I produce a new video, and people message me and comment inquiring about techniques and for assistance on the topic of cooking affordable meals. I’m happy to engage back because it’s a topic I’m interested in.

Takeaway: Without passion for your topic, it’s going to be very difficult to be authentic on camera, and create consistent content – both hugely important factors to a successful YouTube channel. With your niche, can you sustain coming up with new ideas, and continuing to produce videos you’re excited about? Have a plan before you commit.

Step 2: Brand yourself early on

Branding is incredibly important for getting people to subscribe. When people land on your channel, they should know what it’s about before they even watch any of your videos.

2 Easy Steps to Get Started:

Select a channel Icon (avatar) and banner that shows who you are and what your content is about.

On my channel I’ve included descriptive text  – “New video every Tuesday” – so my subscribers know when they can find a new video recipe. I also included a tagline “Healthy + Cheap + Tasty” as it’s the quickest way to let new channel viewers know specifically what my channel is about and whether it’s a good fit for them to subscribe.

Add a watermark to your videos for people to mouse over and subscribe.

You could have this throughout the whole video as it’s non intrusive, is great for branding and makes it easy for people to subscribe. You can add a watermark by going to It’s best to use a PNG image here.

Takeaway: Investing in solid branding early on is crucial to your success on YouTube. Attractive, functional channel art can drastically increase the chances viewers will check out your other uploads and subscribe.

Check back next Tuesday for Part Two of our YouTube For Starters Series! And for more from Marlon, check out his Bachelor on a Budget series over on his channel.


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YouTube For Starters: Tips For New Creators From Bachelor On A Budget’s Marlon Doll – Part 1

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