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Listen up BBTV Creators, because YouTube released some big news this morning:

After teasing there would be exciting creator-focused updates coming soon to the platform, this morning YouTube announced that over 1,000 new royalty-free tracks have been added to the Audio Library.

While music and sound effects can dramatically improve the quality of a video, adding them in and ensuring you’re not violating any copyright restrictions can be a complicated, time-consuming process. By offering a wider array of free, royalty-free options, YouTube is listening in on what you’ve been asking for as creators, and making it that much easier to get your videos in perfect tune!

Check out Audio Library!

And remember, as a BBTV Creator you can access over 25,000 high-quality rights-free tracks and effects thanks to our partnership with Epidemic Sound

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YouTube Royalty Free Music Library Adds 1,000 New Tracks!

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