Hey BBTV Creators! Heads up, YouTube has an alert posted announcing the end of the Branding Intros feature effective March 31st! For those unfamiliar, Branding Intros are the three-second intro clips you can add to the start of your videos promoting your channel. A lot of you use these as a way to brand your videos and call on viewers to like and subscribe to your stuff!

So why is YouTube cutting the feature? While Branding Intros were only introduced last year, since roll-out a lot of creators have expressed their preference to add their own intros during the editing process. Channels that currently have or previously had a Branding Introduction will be able to continue to use this feature as-is through the end of March.

After March 31st, You’ve Got Two Options:
If you’re currently using a Branding Intro that you’d like to keep, YouTube is giving you the option to permanently add it to your current videos on your channel’s Branding page, essentially making it a part of the content. If you don’t choose to keep your branding intro, YouTube will automatically remove it from all of your uploads by default after March 31, 2015!

Remember, if you choose to keep your current Branding Intro, it won’t be easy to remove like it is now, unless the video has less than 100,000 views. In this case, YouTube allows you to trim that video using the Enhancements feature.  After March 31, once the Branding Intros are part of your videos, you’ll be able to use the Enhancements feature to trim off the three-second intro on a video-by-video basis, as long as the video views are under 100K.

If you don’t currently have a Branding Intro but want one, you have until the deadline to add an intro and choose the keep current branding intro option.

If you have any questions regarding this update, anything related to YouTube or your partnership with BBTV please contact us at support@bbtv.com!

YouTube to Remove Branding Introductions Feature!

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