YouTube RedBy now, YouTube Red is likely something you are familiar with. The paid subscription service allows fans to view videos across all of YouTube without ads and save videos to watch offline, among other features.

But what does it all mean for you as a Creator?

It’s important to remember that many viewers will continue to watch content through the ad supported  version, and you’ll continue earning revenue from video advertising and mobile advertising, as Google ads will continue to run against your content. When it comes to YouTube Red, YouTube will share subscription revenue with creators just as it currently shares Adsense revenue, with expectations that the service will expand user engagement and help you earn even more.

For full details on how this will be broken down, and detailed answers to all of your FAQs, please check out the link to YouTube’s posting on their Red service below:

Official YouTube Red FAQ Page

What YouTube Red Means for Creators

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  • I think this is a great advancement, reason being a lot of views are usually unmontized! but with YouTube red people can support the content creators and be ad free too! Great article.

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