Something every creator can relate to on YouTube is how hard it can be getting your channel off the ground, and getting viewers plugged into your uploads. The moment a video starts going viral is like winning the lottery, but before there’s time to scream out JACKPOT, the reality dawns – now that I’ve got some attention, how do I sustain it?

One of the best ways to keep viewers coming back to your channel is by creating cohesive programming that builds a personal brand for a creator. In a nutshell, this means that instead of random uploads, your videos fit within a channel personality that is identifiable and makes sense to people tuning in.  So what makes a solid program?

There are three main factors you need to really look at here:

1. Who are your viewers? Who’s tuning into your videos, or better yet, who are you aiming to have tune into your videos. Delve into this and uncover what is going to keep viewers coming back or drive them to your channel.

2. How long is your program trajectory? The most successful programs tend to be the ones that are able to sustain their storyline and content quality over time. Let’s say your first few episodes really grab viewer attention…but then you run out of ideas for content. It’s really important that you map out at least a tentative breakdown of your content ahead of time. You may realize you have less prepared then you realized and will need to come up with more ideas in order to keep the series going longer.

3. Can you really keep doing this? Your first few videos set up expectations for your audience in terms of content quality and frequency. Is it realistic to keep executing at this pace? If not, you should re-evaluate and find a solution to make this feasible.

The Takeaway: 

Do: Plan ahead and be realistic.

Don’t: Dilute your content in order to create more episodes and kill the quality in the process.

And Remember, VISO Catalyst is built with tools that significantly cut down on the time you spend uploading and ensures full video optimization to reach your target audience. This way you can get back to creating content and hit your series deadlines each and every week!

So start cracking the programming code, discover the big picture and find an idea that you can stick with. Next week we’ll delve into the essentials to creating the optimal schedule to ensure your programming reaches maximum visibility.

YouTube Best Practices: Cracking the Programming Code

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