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In the social media era we’re all living in, there’s a platform for just about everything. From a tweet to a snapchat to a status update, if you’ve got something to say, there’s a lot of places to get the word out. So the question is, are you doing enough of this with your YouTube channel? This week’s edition of YouTube Best Practices looks into the importance of engagement through social media.

Be Engaging on YouTube

As we discussed last week, it’s important to be engaging with your audience on YouTube, both sparking and actively participating in conversations around your videos and letting viewers know they are valued. Now it’s time to look at engaging with viewers outside of YouTube. Facebook and Twitter are the most obvious options here, but there are a ton of other platforms that generate a lot of traffic and can be utilized to drive viewership.

The first thing to note is that social media, by nature, is about conversation. It’s not a one-way street. When cross-promoting your videos on social media channels the trick is to be active, and encourage positive discussions. Once you’ve gotten the word out there, stay on top of trending topics and capitalize off what has people talking about you in the first place. And always, always make sure to have the link to your video as visible as possible!

When it comes to talking to your viewers on YouTube, again treat it like a conversation in real life. Make sure you sound human, and are appropriately voicing your channel brand. Then, understand the medium you’re utilizing. The way you write a tweet is going to be different than the way you update your LinkedIn or Facebook. So take the time to make sure you’re being platform-appropriate.

The Takeaway: 

Do: Get the conversation started on multiple platforms, and maintain the momentum accordingly. Use them in creative ways: a 15 second instagram video teaser of an upcoming post or BTS exclusive is a great way to spark interest.

Don’t: Spam viewers’ newsfeeds. If you feel like you’re over-posting on social media, it might also mean you’re over-saturating your channel with content and it might be time to look at a content programming strategy.

Remember, there’s not a one-size-fits-all formula on YouTube, but these tips are bound to get you in the right direction.  At its most basic, social media engagement is a matter of effort, so take the time and you’ll hopefully see the results.

When it comes to engagement, VISO Catalyst‘s Engagement Tool can help you track comments and specific viewers on your channel so you can respond to them effectively. Better still, it also points out influential YouTubers that are participating in the chatter on your channel so you can capture every opportunity you wouldn’t otherwise be aware of.

That’s it for now, but check back next Monday as we look at how you can get with the program on your YouTube channel.



YouTube Best Practices: Engagement Through Social Media

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