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YouTube isn’t a place people go just to consume content, it’s a place they go to interact with it. Engaging a little with your viewers is a big part of the success equation, and is a key element to growing your channel.

Let’s say, for instance, you post an upload on your top 5 back-to-school essentials and you start getting views like it’s your middle name. You think you’ve hit the big time, and maybe you have. But the best way to tell how people are responding to what you’re saying is by scrolling down and checking out the comments you’re getting.

So what’s in it for you? 

There’s a lot of payoff possible here. It can help inform your content moving forward as well as drive up your subscriber list, (which is always a good thing!) You can reward your viewers for taking the time to comment on your stuff by responding to them and asking what they think. Soon you might turn the most casual viewer into a loyal fan. And you can even take it to the next level: by offering rewards, like a shout-out or inclusion in a video, or integrating their feedback into future posts. Remember one of the best ways YouTubers form their audiences is by encouraging them to interact more and creating a community around their content.

The Takeaway

Do: Engage in positive reinforcement and solve problems. Make it worth there while for commenting and they will continue to do so.

Don’t: In the words of Taylor Swift, sometimes “the haters gonna hate, hate, hate!” And there’s nothing you can do but shake them off and keep rolling out your stuff. You’ll get some comments that aren’t from your viewers but from what we call trolls. So don’t feed into their trolling by playing their game and instead focus on viewers who actually might improve your channel!

VISO Catalyst‘s Engagement Tool can help you track comments and specific viewers on your channel so you can respond to them effectively. Better still, it also points out influential YouTubers that are participating in the chatter on your channel so you can capture every opportunity you wouldn’t otherwise be aware of. Who knows, maybe one of those big influencers would be up for a collaborative video or two?

That’s it for now, but check back next Monday as we delve a little deeper into the engagement equation by looking at ways to cross-promote by leveraging your social media channels.

YouTube Best Practices: Engagement Through Comments

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