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Creating sponsored content on YouTube is nothing new, and a great way to tap into an added revenue stream for your channel. What is new though, is an optional feature just launched by YouTube that allows you to easily inform viewers of a paid promotion.

By selecting this option, visible text will appear for the first seconds a viewer watches your video, informing them this includes a paid promotion. You can also choose to add this text disclosure to any existing video without losing your view count or other metrics.


Paid Promotion


Remember, it’s important to stay transparent with your fans when it comes to collaborating with brands on paid promotions such as product placements, sponsorships, or endorsements. Not only does it help keep you in compliance with YouTube’s regulations, it also ensures the trust between you and your audience stays intact.

Once again, this is an optional feature, and the requirements for disclosing paid promotion vary by location. To learn more about activating this feature and the regulations of paid promotion, be sure to check out the YouTube Help Center)

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YouTube Announces New Way To Ensure You’re Being Transparent With Your Fans!

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