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Playlists after playlists, video after video, we’ve all seen the signs that the style and beauty industries are going strong on YouTube. There’s no denying it, and brands are starting to take notice on a larger scale working directly with influential creators from around the world – but how do you tap into that phenomenon like the guru you are when there’s so much competition out there? Whether you’re a creator or even a blogger, here are a few tips that make your content more appealing to brands and help you stand out from that massive crowd of go-getters.

1. Honest Product Reviews and Comparisons

We all have our favourite makeup choices, and we rarely stick to one brand in our vanity, so why shouldn’t you express your opinion about the products that you personally use? Better yet, make a comparison to other brands that you’ve tried and try to offer up scenarios where you might use one over the other. Stating your opinion is what makes you influential to your audience, and many of your fans are looking to you for advice – so give it to them!

Be careful though! Try not to bad-mouth brands or products that you don’t like, instead try to point out that you’d rather stick to your preference. This opens you up to opportunities and lets companies know that you’re open to trying new things.

2. Be Vocal About Your Upcoming Content

Not only is this a good practice to keep your fans coming back to your content, this helps brands keep a pulse on what you’re doing. Companies like to plan things out as much as possible (just like a good creator!) so give them the info they need to jump on your next video. Who knows, they might just turn into fans themselves and tune into your next video from home!

3. Invest In Quality

We don’t all have a ton of money to spend on our videos or studios to start out with, but one of the best investments you can make is to improve your content quality. Get your hands on a good camera. Find a high-quality microphone if you can. Develop your studio so your videos are in tip-top shape when the brands come looking. It’s the best way to take that step above the rest and stand out from the crowd.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks, as we’ll be covering how to make your own DIY studio space on a budget. More to come!


Working With Beauty on YouTube – You Can’t Makeup This Stuff

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