With over 300 hours of video being uploaded every minute to YouTube, standing out in the crowd of creators can feel impossible.
In the second part of this series, we’re breaking down easy and smart ways to share your videos that’ll help you score those much needed views and subs so you can be on your way to YouTube stardom!


Sharing Frequency

YouTubers with strong followings build their fanbase by posting frequently – uploading videos either weekly, twice a week and in many cases, daily. The more you post, the higher your chances of having one of your videos blow up and launching your channel’s success. But remember, posting is a fine balance. You should only post content that you consider good enough for your page. A video with poor performance will hurt your channel more than not posting at all.



Timing is everything. This is especially true when creating a schedule for publishing your videos. Your YouTube Analytics is a useful tool for helping you figure out when the best days and times to publish your videos are so you can get the most views possible. You’ll want to factor in where your audience is from and how your timing works with multiple timezones. Usually, mornings and early afternoons in Pacific standard time work best because most people are up and online across the world.

Let’s face it, you’re not glued to your computer so you might not always be available to share your videos at their best time. YouTube has you covered with their automated scheduling option. Just set a video to private and you’ll see an option to schedule your video release then.


External Websites

Having a solid strategy for sharing your videos goes beyond your YouTube page. For starters, you should sync up all your social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook so that your current followers will be updated of any new videos you share. BBTV makes this super easy by providing our creators with access to awesome social media tools like Epoxy.

Next, find communities outside of YouTube that will appreciate your content, some common places are Facebook pages, subreddits, and topic-based communities. Sharing with communities that care about your video topics will help boost your viewership. But remember, no one likes a spammer! Simply uploading a bunch of videos to their pages for advertising can feel and look tacky. Sharing your videos will look much more genuine and natural if you understand and participate in that community first.


When it comes to how you distribute your videos, it’s best to keep it simple. Taking these small steps in sharing your content will increase your views and get your channel noticed.


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