With over 300 hours of video being uploaded every minute to YouTube, standing out in the crowd of creators can feel impossible. YouTube stars rise to the top by working hard to make sure that their videos and channels look professional, are viewer-friendly, and their sharing habits are consistent. So it’s no surprise that their hard work pays off with loyal fanbases growing daily. In this two part series, we’re breaking down easy and smart ways to share your videos that’ll help you score those much needed views and subs so you can be on your way to YouTube stardom!


Publishing Your Videos

Let’s start with sticking to good publishing habits. Before you upload your new video, it doesn’t hurt to run through the entire piece to make sure it’s exactly how you want it. Now is your time to smooth out any bumps or issues so you’re sharing the best possible version of your work. You’ll also want to make sure your title, description, and tags are filled out and fully optimized. VISO’s Catalyst for Chrome includes optimization features that will actually help amp up your title, tags, and description with strong keywords.  


Using Playlists

If you’re a creator that shares videos with a range of topics then playlists are your friend. You’ll want to organize this content into different playlists so that your page and your videos are super accessible. Viewers don’t want to work to find videos they enjoy, so creating playlists makes this extremely easy for them. To double up on being user friendly and promoting your content, feature playlists on your front page to encourage viewers to stay on your channel as long as possible.


Stay tuned for part two for more distribution strategies that will help your videos rise to the top!


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Winning Distribution Strategies – Part One

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