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For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been collecting amazing videos from BBTV creators for our BBTV Year in Review contest. The #BBTVfam really turned up and gave us some of the coolest videos that round up their biggest moments of 2017. We thank all our amazing #BBTVfam who took part in this contest and shared their peak moments of 2017 with all of us.

Today, we announced the winner of the BBTV Year in Review contest is fellow BBTV creator Wafellow!! The multi-talented YouTuber, magician, comedian, and acrobat is emitting positivity and fun through his videos. Check out his Year in Review video below. Congrats to Wafellow for winning the $1,000 Amazon gift card! 

As promised, the BBTV Year in Review contest also had a runner-up. Give it up to BBTV partner Julia Elise and her awesome Year in Review video submission that earned her the runner up spot and a $500 Amazon gift card! Check out her video below:


We have a winner: BBTV’s Year in Review Contest!

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