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Hey #BBTVfam!

Nothing screams Halloween like watching the most iconic scary movies. To honor the horror film genre and all the nightmares it’s given us, we’re asking our creators to put their creative stamp on an unforgettable scene or character from a famous horror film. From remakes and spoofs to character makeovers and cover songs – we’re ready to be spooked!



Create a 1-2 minute video recreating one of the terrifying scenes or characters we’ve chosen below.

The most creative submission wins a $500 Amazon Gift Card



  1. Create a 1-2 minute video with the hashtag #BBTVmonstermashup in the title on any video platform you choose (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)
  2. Share your video on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #BBTVmonstermashup
  3. That’s it! You’re entered!

Submit your videos by October 30, 11:59pm

The winner will be announced on October 31, 2017 



Contestants must be partnered with BBTV

Video must be 1-2 minutes long

Only submissions referencing one of the pre-selected movie scenes will be accepted

For more info check out the Official Contest Rules


Put your creative stamp on one of the following scary movie scenes and you could win a $500 Amazon gift card (caution, some of the following videos are not suitable for young children): 

  1. “Trapped in a Phone Booth” – The Birds

  2. “Here’s Johnny!” – The Shining

  3. The House (Final Scene) – Blair Witch Project

  4. “Samara Comes for You” – The Ring

  5. The Prom scene – Carrie

  6. “This is Halloween” song – The Nightmare Before Christmas

  7. The Bathroom Scene – The Orphanage

  8. Venkman gets Slimed – Ghostbusters

  9. The Window Scene – Salem’s Lot

  10. Pennywise Dancing Scene – It (2017)

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