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It’s not just about creating a great beat, it’s about creating a brand. Getting people plugged into your music, subscribing and sharing. There’s no better way to access your audience today than YouTube. We discussed a few weeks back how YouTube is re-shaping the music industry and how big players are listening up. But now let’s take the perspective of the artists themselves and how YouTube can be the best tool for generating noise around your latest track.

What to remember

The first thing to consider is that YouTube is not just a video platform, it’s a search engine. It’s a destination for discovery, and therefore a great place to be discovered, (well obviously.) Then consider the cost: none. If you already own a recording device, the rest is free. The lack of threshold to entry should be motivation enough to re-consider YouTube if you aren’t already producing content here.

But then, is a simple performance in front of a computer screen enough, or what are you looking to communicate? Think again about the audience size here. Viewers have a chance to watch practically anytime, from anywhere. Thanks to mobile, YouTube has risen even higher in viewership, with many people simply looking to the screen in their hand to discover their new musical obsession. Faster streaming capabilities and larger screens have amplified this further in recent years, and expect this to only continue moving forward.

Visuals that stick

So music fans want their music to three things:

1. Mobile
2. Sharable
3. Visual

Even more so than an amazing melody or catchy hook, a great visual sticks with an audience, and travels fast. You can always hear a song and like it, but to really be immersed in it, many insiders now argue the video is essential. Even if the point of having a video is to promote a song, that doesn’t mean the video should be a secondary thought. Don’t put visuals in the backseat, use them to give new meaning to your music and make them stand out and entice viewers to watch again and again and spread the word.

The best ways to capture a bigger audience on YouTube

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Visual Beats: How YouTube is Helping Musicians Prosper

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