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VISO Catalyst1 VISO Catalyst   New Thumbnail Optimization Features!

Hey Creators! We’ve got an exciting update to VISO Catalyst – the ultimate creator companion platform that’s exclusive to BBTV Creators!

Our suite of tools for enhancing and optimizing thumbnails have long been a user favourite, and we’ve upped the ante with a few new additions we think you’ll be very excited about.

First up, we’ve added awesome new font options, perfect for creating eye-catching images and grabbing more viewers. Once you’ve found one that works for your thumbnail, you can save it as a re-usable template for future images. You can now also download a high-resolution copy of the image, for use anywhere you choose! Showcase it around your social media channels, or even use it to create branded merchandise, opening a whole new revenue stream for your channel!

So don’t let a blurry, boring thumbnail get in the way of growing your audience: log into VISO Catalyst, head on over to your video’s optimization page and start creating, editing, and downloading your own mini-masterpiece today!

Don’t have a VISO Catalyst account? Sign up here, it’s free with partnership.

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Not a partner but interested in joining up with BBTV and becoming a part of our thriving community full of talented creators? Join ranks with some of the best, and find out how we work to cross-promote and grow your YouTube Views through our exclusive VISO Catalyst technology! Click below for more on what YouTube Network Partnership with BBTV could mean for your channel.

Join BBTV 300x61 VISO Catalyst   New Thumbnail Optimization Features!

VISO Catalyst – New Thumbnail Optimization Features!

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