As a YouTube creator, it’s not easy staying on top of every feature out there that can help you grow your channel and streamline the management process. We don’t want any of you to miss out, which it why we’ve created The Extensions Tab in VISO Catalyst as the central toolkit for accessing these features.

What’s Inside?

We first added Epidemic Sound – featuring a library of over 25K rights-free tracks – a few weeks back, and have now released big new additions that are just a click away!

New Features Accessible Inside the Extensions Tab:


Epoxy allows you to see every fan that’s talking about your videos and commenting on your posts across all platforms! No matter if the conversation is on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, you can connect to it from Epoxy! Combine it with VISO Catalyst and your social video empire is all at your fingertips!

BBTV Referral Program:

The BBTV Referral Program is built to get you equipped with everything you’ll need to take control, become your own boss, and work online anywhere you want. Earn revenue by joining up and posting and promoting a unique, trackable link on your channel. When creators sign up from your link, you’ll get a commission!

BBTV Knowledge Base:

Mapping out everything from getting started, to advanced best practice techniques, the BBTV Knowledge Base gives you the lowdown on your YouTube and BBTV-related FAQs and serves up in-depth articles on the latest updates to the platform!

This is still just the start of what we’ve got planned, so stay tuned for more awesome updates to the Extensions Tab coming your way soon! We’re working overtime to ensure everything you need to dominate your viewcounts and get the absolute most out of your channel are all in one easy to access destination!

Partnered with BBTV but don’t have VISO Catalyst! Sign up here! VISO Catalyst is the ultimate creator companion platform, built with tools that significantly cut down on the time you spend on-the-back-end and ensure full video optimization to maximize your reach! Using VISO Catalyst also gives you access to your approved monthly reports faster and offers an all-in-one destination for all the exciting benefits that come with being a part of the BBTV community!

Have a question about the Extensions Tab or anything else, feel free to drop us a line at

VISO Catalyst Extensions Tab Rolls-out Big New Features!

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