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VISO for Catalyst for Chrome has a new feature in the Optimize tab that will make your post-production process way more efficient! Avoid the headache and lost time of individually reselecting similar tags for your new videos with the new Tag Templates feature. You can now store multiple sets of tags and use these templates for future videos.

This feature is perfect for our creators regularly making videos for multiple series on their channels. With the new Tag Templates feature you can load your preset tag selections for new videos in an established theme or series.


Tag Templates

This tool gives you the freedom to add more recommended tags tailored to each video or revert back to the original template you’ve made for the series. It’s a great way to continue using tags that have proven to optimize your videos, and find new ones to grow your audience.

Let Tag Templates do the work for you and get back to creating awesome new content for your channel!   


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VISO Catalyst for Chrome: Introducing Tag Templates!

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