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King Imprint has done in one year, what most creators can only dream of, building a highly successful dance focused channel! We spoke to the dancing sensation on the heals of his VidCon debut and asked him your burning questions on how to hit the VidCon 2016 in our latest VidCon Q&A series. Check it out below!

When did you start dancing? Why did you decide to start posting videos to YouTube?

I started dancing at the age of 6 in Connecticut Georgia after watching Michael Jackson for the first time ever in Thriller.

If you could teach everyone at vidCon just one move, which one would it be?

I’d teach everyone how to lean and dab because it’s a dance that everyone can do with their own unique swag and it’s very simple, but fun to do.

What is your all-time FAV dance?

That’s really hard to say it’s like what’s your favorite food or movie I just love the ones that make me look cool like the moonwalk, my split combo, jerking, pop and lock. I love dance so I love a lot of it.

Who are you most looking forward to see at VidCon? Are you excited to have the chance to perform live for your fans?

I’m just excited to meet other YouTube content creators in general because I never get the chance to do that. It’s like a wolf pack coming together, and can’t wait to dance for people/supporters/fans because that’s something I like to do.

How do you feel the energy of the crowd is going to feed into your performance?

The energy can be as hype as them having a chant or as silent as them being observant (which isn’t exactly a bad thing because some people don’t know how to turn up so they show it by the way they stare while you dance (many times they’re amazed and are silent because they’re mind is processing that they love the performance). I like both crowd types cause quiet crowds help me concentrate on certain moves and loud crowds help me wild out and go all in

You’re only 18, where do you see your dance career moving to in the future?

Being 18 and being able to have built such and inspirational channel in only 1 year is something I think about a lot. I just finished co-hosting a major tour (LetsDanceTheTour) with my friends and family TeamNueEra. The Tour was headlined by Silento and included dlow, iheartmemphis, etc. I just want to push it to where I create a bigger brand for KING IMPRINT so the name name becomes as recognized as McDonald’s, land big commercials, get more sponsors, get flown out to do more shows, tv appearances, movie castings and TOURS  got to this point so why can’t I get further? I want other kids my age and YOUNGER to look at what I’m doing and generate it into motivation, and it’s been working cause many have told me they’ve been inspired  and followed in my similar steps.


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