What’s better than your fav Yoncé banger coming on at that perfect moment? How about James Butler slaying a lip-sync performance of it AT VIDCON! 

Start prepping Slayers, because Iamjamessss is already in deep preparations for his epic face-off against Chloe East on the BBTV Booth Stage at VidCon 2016. His moves will be flawless, and you know his song selection is going to be lit…but will it be enough to take the champion title? We got a chance to catch up with James to give us a bit of a teaser on what to expect, check it out below!

If you could sum up your experience at VidCon last year in three words…what would they be?
Absolute complete slayage!

Ok…so you’re taking the stage in a lip sync battle with Chloe East. Are you nervous?
Nah I’m not nervous, I got this! Watch out Chloe!

How are you prepping…have you been studying her dance moves?
I’ve been preparing by jamming to lots of Queen Bey for inspiration. Oh, I’m also going to see her live for a little more boost of inspiration because she’s QUEEN! YASSSS!

What is your all-time fav song to lip sync it out to?
It depends on the mood. If we are going for something dramatic, “Listen” by Beyoncé is a good one! If we are going for fierceness I’d have to turn on some “Crazy In Love” by Beyoncé or “Do It Like a Dude” by Jessie J!

How about the one song on the radio right now that you just can’t help yourself when it comes on?
“HANDS TO MYSELF” by Selena Gomez!!!!!! Every time it comes on my edges are completely snatched and I go in! I may or may not even have to pull over sometimes so I can really get into it! 😉

How do you feel the energy of the crowd is going to feed into your performance?
If the crowd is really energetic and bringing great energy I feel like I can go that much harder! BRING THE ENERGY!

Any secret tricks up your sleeve…or will we have to wait until showtime?
If the crowd is really energetic and bringing great energy I feel like I can go that much harder! BRING THE ENERGY!


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VidCon Q&A: James Butler Preps For His Epic Lip Sync Battle!

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