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Elle Meadows is heading back to VidCon this year, and this rising British YouTube star couldn’t be more excited! Elle, whose channel HiyaElle features her signature brand of sketch comedy and vlogs, answered a few of questions on how to hit the VidCon 2016 convention floor like a pro and more in our latest VidCon Q&A series. Check it out below!

This is the second year in a row you’ve attended VidCon, what are you most looking forward to seeing this year?
I’m most looking forward to seeing all my friends I made last year! I miss their beautiful faces! And obviously making new friends too! So many people to meet, such little time! <3

How excited are you to get to spend time with your fans? What’s the energy like inside?
The energy at VidCon is INSANE! Everyone is so pumped and friendly! I can’t wait to meet some of my viewers! I didn’t get recognized too much last year but hopefully this year that will have changed! I’m so excited! All the subscribers I’ve met so far have been so sweet and lovely! Some even gave me gifts which is CrAzY!

What are the three most essential items you need when you’re on the VidCon floor?
I totally need my phone, my camera and snacks! My phone’s to keep my socials updated, meet my friends and let viewers know where I’m going to be so they can say hi! And to take selfies. Obviously. My camera because I’ve gotta shoot that VidCon vlog! And snacks because the food at the convention can be expensive and I’m ALWAYS hungry! Nothing worse than an empty stomach when you’re working the expo hall.

Do you go in with a strict itinerary, or see where the day takes you?
A lot of my friends have meet-ups and panels to speak on so I’ll probably tag along to those. And I really want to go to the Less Than Famous panel and see my friend Didda talk! She’s from Iceland so we’ve never met before and I can’t wait to give her a hug! Ahhh! But aside from that, I’m just going to go with the flow and see what all my pals fancy doing! (And of course I can’t miss the parties!)

You’re at a VidCon party full of your fellow creators and join a circle on the dancefloor. In your dream scenario, who would you be slaying the floor with? Which YouTuber could you see secretly having the hottest moves?
Watching iamjamessss and Chachi Gonzales have a dance-off at Playlist Live was crazy! Never has so much sass graced a dance floor before! I would love to see a round 2 of that! DangMattSmith and I always have a blast when we dance together! Last year we were showing off all our moves at one of the industry parties!!

What’s been the biggest change in your life since attending the convention last year?
My channel has grown a lot since last year and I also have a ton of new friends who are creators and I LOVE IT! I feel like I’m finally a part of the UK YouTube scene which is SO MUCH FUN!

If you could have a pet unicorn for an hour or spend the day at Disneyland with your all-time fav YouTubers, which would you choose?


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VidCon Q&A: Elle Meadows

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