Vidcon BBTV Metadata 1024x538 Vidcon Day 1   Heres what you missed!

Couldn’t make Vidcon 2016 this year? BBTV has you covered! We thought we’d recap everything you might have missed. So stop feeling the FOMO…. at least a little big, and enjoy our recap of Vidcon 2016 day 1!

The morning started off like any other morning… except it was the greatest morning of the year. Because yesterday, June 23, was the first day of VIDCON!

The BBTV team were hard at work helping y’all look your flyest. Did somebody say glam squad? That’s right every morning at booth 1700 BBTV will have the best glam squad in the city. Get your hair braided and some dope metallic tattoos to shine bright like a diamond. Make sure to get there early, because the lines are long! Booth opens at 8am.  44435324 f07b 43ef a026 879662188ac4 e1466801229501 Vidcon Day 1   Heres what you missed!
The buzz was palpable, and the energy was insane because Michael McCrudden and Landon Productions were on the stage to give us a glimpse into the life of entertainers. We had the host with the most, RudiRok interviewing the two about life on and off the camera. michael and landon 1024x684 Vidcon Day 1   Heres what you missed!

Next up we put brother against brother in the ultimate bestie challenge x 2! First up CJ SoCool and Jinx went head to head to find out which brother knew more about the other brother.

cj and jinx  1024x684 Vidcon Day 1   Heres what you missed!‘Who has more swag?’

And if that wasn’t enough excitement for one morning, the gruesome duo Rackaracka competed for the ultimate bestie title.

rackaaa 1024x684 Vidcon Day 1   Heres what you missed!

Then the BBTV booth was treated to some of the sickest beats known to man, spat by two legends Swiss Beat Box and Beat Rhino! Just check out a taste of the awesomeness below:

 And if the beats weren’t dope enough for you (not possible), the dancing was lit! King Imprint was fire on the BBTV stage.

king 1024x684 Vidcon Day 1   Heres what you missed!And finally last, but certainly not least Chris Oflyng and his loyal followers took the booth by STORM!

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There was so much excitement it’s hard to fit it all into one post! But you can get up to the minute…second…update by following BBTV on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat (@ BBTVLive)!

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Join BBTV 300x61 Vidcon Day 1   Heres what you missed!

Vidcon Day 1 – Here’s what you missed!

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