Whether you love it or hate it, the day of LURRRVE is all upon us! And there is no better way to enjoy Valentine’s Day than with the always fabulously chic, La Démi! From fashion and makeup to inspiration and motivation, La Démi is breaking down stereotypes and showing that being true to yourself is the best part of life! Enjoy this special day the Glammie way! Check out La Demi’s Q&A now!

Hey La Démi! For viewers that might not already be familiar with your content, what is the La Démi channel all about? Tell us a bit about yourself.

Démi is this generations curve to society and acceptance to manufactured gender identification. Iconic individual logistically proven to shift the vogue of fashion and beauty with humor.  Evolving and enticing characteristics of Démi elude the animosity of what individuals comprehend. Distribution of inspiration and dexterity are ethical decisions of what Démi wants to accommodate for today’s Society. It’s imperative to be thyself, yet how can one be thyself in a civilization so judgmental?…Démi is here to assist and modify unethical interpretations and stereotypes. Beauty and love is from within!

What inspired you to start making videos? What do your friends and family think of all your success on YouTube and Instagram?  

I honestly have had a voice for so long and I decided to go ahead and start making YouTube videos to inspire others around the world. I started with a small reality show on youtube called the come up LA. From there I kind of sprouted and focused on myself online. My family and friends have always been a back bone for me, yet kept me motivated and focused.

You inspire so many people out there with your channel, who inspires you?

I seek inspiration from within. I feel like if you follow someone or create inspiration from others, you loose the creativity that you have developed through life.

Holidays and special occasions like your birthday are a huge part of your channel, how are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?

I don’t think I consider Valentine’s Day a super holiday like other occasions because my last Valentines Date was in 8th grade. I’m 21 now, so it’s been nearly a decade I haven’t had that special someone on Valentine’s. Moral of the story I’m going to buy myself some candies and Pop champagne with my followers ️ share the love!!

What are your three biggest make-up essentials for a big date night? What about go-to outfit choices?

1. Beauty Blender

2. Lashes

3. Flesh Pot Mac Lipstick because Men don’t like a dark lip on a first date!

Outfit: Form Fitting 2 Piece. Usually August Getty Atelier

What would be your perfect first date? Who would it be with?

My perfect date is April 25th because it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold, all you need is a light jacket!

It would be with a gentleman, tall, dark, and handsome.

What’s the best date you ever went on? The worst?

The best date I went on was in NYC, and I shared the most romantic kiss under the lit city buildings. I should have popped my foot.

All my dates have always been successful, I will only proceed with dates once I know their personality or astrology sign.

For any of the single Glammies out there, any suggestions for plans instead of cozying up to a S.O this Valentine’s Day?

SINGLE GLAMMIES, buy yourself the reddest roses, the darkest chocolates and live your life because nobody is ever going to love you better than you love yourself 💜💜💜

Finally, chocolate or roses?

Both! ️❤️



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Valentine’s Day Q&A with La Démi

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