If you’ve been following the news coming out of the tech world this past summer, you may have heard something about Twitch. The live-streaming gamer juggernaut out of San Francisco was long believed to be on Google’s radar, until this past August the surprising news surfaced that it had been acquired by Amazon in a deal worth close to $1 billion.

So what exactly is Twitch? 

If you’re not a gamer, prior to the Amazon acquisition you probably never heard of the site. In a nutshell, it’s the online network where viewers tune in to watch live footage and streams of other people playing video games. Really, its taken the spectatorship of video games to the digital realm as now, instead of watching other Gamers at the arcade, viewers turn to Twitch. While the person playing the game is on the other side of a screen, the experience is the same and Gamers everywhere are addicted.

Twitch is now the largest live-streaming website in the US…by a wide-margin. Twitch’s 55 million monthly users viewed over 15 billion minutes of content on the service in July, and during primetime the site attracts more of the young audience share then MTV. And the business world is really taking note because Twitch fans are the stuff of advertisers’ dreams. They are mostly male between the ages of 18-49 and nearly half of visitors to the site spend 20 or more hours a week watching.

Twitch viewers are Gamers themselves, who not only see the live and recorded video sessions as a way to hone their own abilities, but also as a way to interact with star players in chat rooms, or simply be entertained. A lot of YouTube Gamer personalities have opened up channels on the platform as another forum to interact and engage their viewers.

Now, with Amazon’s resources, and plans to expand outside of gaming, Twitch is looking to have a bigger stake in the market in 2015 and bound to keep making headlines, so stayed tuned to this video streamer.

TGN‘s channel on Twitch has been ramping up content, especially since the relaunch of the network last month. Check out the schedule and tune in to see your favourite TGN personalities and Gamers playing live today!


The Sitch with Twitch

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