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Timing is everything. And when it comes to laying out your channel strategy, video runtime needs to be factored front-and-center. Not to be confused with watchtime, runtime is simply the length of your videos. Deciding the right direction for your channel content means taking tons of factors into consideration, including:

  • Your target audience
  • The genre of your work
  • The video platform you’re optimizing for (in the case of Facebook, shorter clips tend to perform much stronger)

So let’s be clear, there’s no totally right answer here! But there are some things you should always consider when it comes to uncovering the right Facebook and YouTube video length and format for your uploads:

  • Favor shorter: If you can make your content shorter and make all the same points, do so. Even though long form content can perform well in some cases, your audience will start to disappear over the length of your video.
  • Start off energized: The first 3-5 seconds are super crucial. So make sure this isn’t wasted on unnecessary branding or a lengthy introduction. Engage the viewer from the get-go, because every moment you aren’t getting to the point is another opportunity for the audience to click away.
  • Don’t hold your CTA to the end: Consider a clickable card that appears early on in your video to capture viewers who may not stay for your video’s full duration.
  • Optimize for Autoplay: Since Facebook videos autoplay and start without sound, think abut incorporating graphics and text at the start to get the viewer to opt-in for sound and continue watching.


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BBTV Tips: How To Find The Right YouTube Video Length

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  • Great video and a very valid point, on average I found that people’s interest starts to dwindle at around 2.5 minutes, plus when I watch long videos I skip through the talking to the action! EmilyRoseMakeupTV

    • I totally agree with you and this is really helpful and I will be changing things up on my channel now. Great information

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