Hope you’re having a PURRfect Friday! Whether you’re online or off, everyone seems to adore cats. And thanks to the internet and YouTube, they’ve become an online sensation! From the infamous Grumpy Cat, to the adorable Snoopy, to Hamilton the Hipster Cat, feline furballs everywhere are taking over! . That’s why this week, we’re […]

Haunted Sunshine Girl
Creator Spotlight

With Halloween just weeks away, October is the perfect month for a ghost story or two. No one’s doing it better on YouTube than this week’s In The Limelight The Haunting of Sunshine Girl. Who is Sunshine Girl?  She’s a quirky teen played perfectly by Paige McKenzie who shortly after her 16th birthday, moves with […]

Creator Spotlight

From Al and Peggy Bundy to Homer and Marge Simpson, nothing’s better than watching the dysfunction of marriage play-out in ridiculous fashion.  Well this week’s In the Limelight: Modern Marriage Moments, brings the hilarity of marriage to YouTube. Real life couple Brandon & Stephanie play out everyday situations such as the Stages of a Car […]