YouTube Tips

With the rising popularity of Snapchat memories and Instagram stories, lots of creators are looking for ways to promote their YouTube videos and build their communities in new ways… Have you heard that now you can share all of the awesome video clips and graphics created in Epoxy to your Snapchat & Instagram stories? It’s […]


Your fans are your fans because they love you! They love what you do in front of the camera, and when you respond to their comments on social it’s your way of staying connected and giving back to the community you’ve built. But what’s even better than a personalized response? A video one – and […]


  Using Epoxy for iOS & Android to build a community around your content We’re excited to announce that our partners over at Epoxy have just released their iOS & Android app!  Epoxy, which provides awesome social tools to make your lives as creators so much easier, is now accessible on the go, with the Epoxy […]


  Keeping up appearances on so many different social networks can be super exhausting. Especially when each one requires their own unique approach. I mean what you say on Facebook doesn’t always translate to Twitter, right? Just like what you do on Instagram doesn’t necessarily work on Vine. You have to learn the language of the network, […]


Last month we announced our partnership with Epoxy, giving all BBTV Creators free access to Epoxy’s awesome social tools! Today, things just got even sweeter thanks to Epoxy launching a GIF and Meme Generator! Next time you log into Epoxy, you’ll see a brand new sharing bar at the top of the overview page. This […]