Tentpole programming can be a super easy way to grab more viewers. It simply means creating videos and playlists that capitalize on audience’s interests in current events, releases, and holidays. In the run-up to this holiday season, for instance, millions of people are searching for videos around this one-theme, and it might be the perfect […]


LetzMakeup Creating gorgeous makeup tutorials each week, LetzMakeup has fans prepped for this weekend with extravagant, creative Halloween makeup tutorials! If you’re looking for some spooky inspiration, make sure to check out her ‘Halloween & Costume Makeup Videos’ playlist! We’ve also teamed up with LetzMakeup for a very Ghoulish Giveaway! Find how you can win […]


  Ellimacs SFX Makeup Get ready to grab a pillow because you might need it to hide behind while watching Ellimacs’ mind-blowing SFX vids! The dream team duo of Ellinor and Macs use everyday household products to create jaw dropping Halloween makeup tutorials! In their latest vid, they recreated the terrifying Silent Hill nurse. They’ve […]

Todd's Kitchen Insta

  Todd’s Kitchen Looking to whip up some wickedly delicious treats for your Halloween party? Well, look no further than Todd’s Kitchen! Chef Todd is a master when it comes to preparing the most mouth-wateringly scary delights imaginable. Some of the ingenious ideas he can show you for Halloween include popcorn brains, worm sandwiches, jack […]

Led Lighting

External linking, using annotations like a champ and making sure your upload is optimized to the max are all important in creating success on YouTube. But something else that’s super important – the quality of your video production itself! Nowadays, YouTubers from all sizes are stepping up their game when it comes to production quality. […]

Viewers To Specific Point in Video
YouTube Tips

Alright creators, let’s say there’s a highlight in your latest upload you want to showcase to your viewers.  Well, what if it’s not at the start of the video? You could tell viewers to skip ahead to the point you really want them to see, or you could follow this week’s BBTV Tip and send […]

Make Your Background Ready

Specific! That’s what we think our Creator community wants, and that’s what we want to give them – specific, in-depth tips that are really going to help them improve their uploads! So for this week, we want you to really think about what you’re putting in the frame each time you post your latest let’s […]