Meet Vancouver’s very own YouTube Superstar Josh Tryhane!

He’ll be at the BBTV HQ on November 25th talking about his videos, answering questions, signing autographs and taking pics!
So join us at 10.30am at BroadbandTV’s office.


How did you get started on YouTube? What was your inspiration for starting a channel on YouTube?

The main reason I started making videos and what inspired me to create content was all of the YouTubers I constantly found myself watching. I loved how the channels I’d watch had such a positive impact on their viewers and that they had the power to create any video they wanted based on ideas they thought were funny and unique. Knowing I could create something that would make people laugh or find inspiring was a big enough push for me to start making my own content. The first few months of filming videos was definitely difficult because I was in school and working, but after connecting with my audience and growing together with them it wasn’t hard to see I was doing what I loved.

What are you looking forward to most for your upcoming meetup?

Where do I start lol… My absolute FAVOURITE thing is meeting my subscribers in person. Every week when I upload videos I can see the comments, how many people viewed the video and how many people liked the video, but theres nothing like actually talking to the viewers who are impacted by your content. Being able to interact, and laugh, and see the smiles in person, makes me so happy. Im really looking forward to hanging out with everyone and being able to answer any questions they have and of course taking pictures with everyone!

Can you let us in on some of the surprises that are happening at the meetup?

There’s going to be so many things going on, but one surprise i’m really excited to share with everyone is a new brand i’ve created called “DEVOTED”. When I made my YouTube channel three years ago, I had no idea that it would become what it is today. The only reason i’m in this position is because of how Devoted and Loyal every one of my subscribers is, and I feel like this is a way of me giving back for all of their support. The message behind “DEVOTED” means so much to me and I can’t wait for the people at the meet up to see it for the first time!

What has been the biggest change in your life since becoming a YouTube star?

When YouTube started to become full time for me, the one thing that changed the most was being able to work on my own schedule. I love being able to wake up and choose to shoot something because I want to shoot it. Because of YouTube i’ve been able to travel the world, work with amazing companies and see things that I probably wouldn’t have got to see if I was doing something else. I am so grateful for everything YouTube has done for me, and I think this is only the beginning of what’s to come.

If you could give your fans one piece of advice what would you tell them?

I would tell them to set goals, work hard, and stay humble. When you set goals and work hard you can achieve anything, and when you reach those goals never forget where you came from.

Q & A with Josh Tryhane

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