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Playlist Live 2017
starts this Friday and it’s going to be HUGE. With 13,000 fans and 500 creators ready to attend, this will be Playlist Live’s biggest turn out! We’re sending #BBTVFam and cutie extraordinaire Casey Simpson to meet some of his most devoted fans. If you can’t make it to Playlist Live to meet Casey in person, you can still catch him as he takes over @BroadBandTV Instagram’s stories on May 5
Check out the 13 years old YouTube star’s interview for our Playlist Live Q&A series below!



For viewers who aren’t already familiar with your content, what is your channel all about? Tell us a bit about yourself.

My YouTube channel is all about having fun and spreading positivity. I post a variety of content from vlogs, to Q&As, to comedy sketches and more! I am 13 years old and love creating.

How did you get started on YouTube? What was your inspiration for starting a channel?

I actually had a YouTube channel a long time ago in 2012 when I was 8. I wanted to make content but my videos were really bad (haha). Then a few years later I decided to pick it back up again more seriously because this is what I want to do.

What has been the biggest change in your life since becoming a YouTuber?

The biggest change in my life since becoming a YouTuber might be meeting new people. I love doing YouTube collaborations and working with other content creators and seeing what we can make together. My last 3 videos were all collabs!

What’s your favourite video (that you created)? Why?

My favorite video that I have created would probably be my New York City three-part vlog! That video was a lot of fun because I was able to take my subscribers on all the adventures I went on in New York City with some of my great friends!!

What do you want to say to the people watching your channel?

Thank you for all of the support, I love each and every one of you.

Is this your first time attending Playlist Live? If not what’s your favorite memory from last year?

Yes, this is my first time attending Playlist Live!

How excited are you for Playlist Live? What are you looking forward to the most?

I’m super excited for Playlist Live! I am most looking forward to the people. I look forward to seeing my friends, and collaborating with fellow YouTubers.


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Playlist Live Q&A: Casey Simpson

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