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Playlist Live is less than three weeks away and we are excited that the #BBTVFam will be out in Orlando once again! To get you as excited as we are, we will be talking with some of your favorite BBTV creators and finding out what inspires them to create. First up is Brandon Rogers who is back at Playlist Live after making his debut last year. See what he has to say in our Playlist Live Q&A series below!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m just a bit of tasteful trash that managed to slip my way through the cracks of this adpocalyptic dystopia and become a household name for s***heads like me.

What type of content do you make?

Anything that compliments a craving for the bizarre, usually paired nicely with a fine joint or someone you hope to have sex with.

How long have you been a YouTuber?

Successfully? Two years. Altogether, 12.

I hear you originally had a very different career path, tell us a little about your history and about your first video? Where did your drive to create videos come from?

I started making sketch comedy before the word “YouTuber” was officially coined back in 2006. I was an OG ‘Tuber, doing everything out of what little pockets I had at 17, and filmed it all on a mini-DV tape camera! We had to put our s**t on TAPES!

Where does your inspiration come from to create?

The world around me. I enjoy having content people can relate to, and I like to prey on things we wish we could outwardly make fun of.

Tell us about your journey from making videos as a hobby to becoming a full-blown career.

Well, not much to say other than thank god it did become a career because I was a college dropout who was obese, going through a breakup, and working miserably at a law firm for almost nothing. So… yeah thank god it all happened.

Why did you choose YouTube as a platform for your comedy? Do you prefer performing your comedy on YouTube or in person?

You can’t compare the two and how dare you for trying. That’s like trying to compare weed to shrooms: totally different rushes but I love them both. Why did I choose youtube specifically? No one was casting me, and back then YouTube was the only place you could even upload videos. Having more than 8 Myspace photos was a mind-blowing privilege.

Speaking of in-person performances, tell us a little about your tour. What are you most excited to teach you fans?

I’m so thrilled. I’ve already performed one show and what a crowd! On YouTube, we don’t get the pleasure of seeing the love and appreciation up close and in-person, we read it through comments, so to be there, physically among the love as opposed to reading it on a screen, I mean it doesn’t even compare!

What do you want your audience to know about becoming a YouTuber? What advice do you have for your fans who want to make really ‘terrible content’?

Just have fun. If you’re not having fun something is very wrong.


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Playlist Live 2018: Brandon Rogers

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