VidCon US is happening this week! Want to know who from the #BBTVFam will be there? We spoke with our very own Papa Jake to find out his YouTube success story and how stoked he is to be heading to VidCon.VidCon 18 PapaJake

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Jake McCormick (AKA Papa Jake) and I’m a 23-year-old YouTuber from Toronto, Canada

with 4.8 million subscribers.

What type of content do you make?

I make fun vlog-style videos focusing on all sorts of kids content. I‘m probably most known for my

awesome Box Fort creations and 24-hour challenges. I also love trying out all sorts of new toys to film

with, specifically making Nerf Gun videos.

How long have you been a YouTuber?

I’ve been a YouTuber for 9 years now. I started back in 2009 whilst still in middle school and have been

actively creating content ever since.

What drove you to start making videos? Were you always planning to be in the entertainment


Originally, when I started making videos being a professional YouTuber was not as much a popular and

known concept. The idea of creating YouTube content on a full-time basis never occurred to me until

much later on. When I first started YouTube it was purely to share with other people my content that

weren’t just my parents and close friends. I had grown up always making videos in my backyard with

my friend group so the initial idea that people other than my family and closest friends saw my videos

was absolutely amazing to me. This was the incentive that drove me to keep uploading and making new


Why did you choose YouTube as a platform to create?

I chose YouTube because it was the application I used to watch all my favorite content. I grew up

watching channels like Nigahiga and if YouTube was where they were posting that’s where I wanted to

post as well.

What do you want people to know about becoming a YouTuber?

I would want people to know that for as much fun as you have being a full-time YouTuber it is equally

as much work.

Any advice for all the young creators out there?

My advice to young creators out there would be to stop focusing & comparing yourself to the success

of other creators. Currently, with channels such as Logan Paul along with the transition in mainstream

media and the constant attention on YouTube, it’s easy to get discouraged. My younger cousin who is 12

years old was complaining to me about only getting 200 views a video and how far he still has to go

before becoming a BIG YouTuber. To me, this is crazy, as 200 views are still 200 views and should still

be celebrated! It’s very important that you celebrate the little things and know it’s a marathon and not a

sprint to success. I uploaded over 3,000 videos before I found my groove, it just takes time.

Finally, how stoked are you for VidCon?!

I’m extremely stoked!! This will be my first VidCon experience and I’m excited to meet up with other

YouTubers and check out the convention. It’s also always a good time travelling to sunny California!


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Papa Jake is Heading to VidCon 2018

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