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PAX East is right around the corner, and we’re so stoked to see the #BBTVfam representing at gaming’s biggest event! Papa Jake, builder of box forts, sat down with us to give us a peak into life at one of the biggest gaming events as a big YouTuber.

What type of content do you make?
I make a fun mix of vlogs and skit style videos that revolve typically around making huge box forts or having awesome nerf wars. We’re always doing something new and creative with toys and forts and use our skills to overcome challenges in our videos. Some days we’re surviving a 24 hour challenge in the woods and others fighting aliens with nerf in a box fort spaceship!

How long have you been a YouTuber?
9 Years!

PAX east is a pretty incredible event! What are you most excited to do/see?
I love checking out new games and getting hands on demos of cool tech. Personally I love VR, so anything with VR I’m always super excited to see and try. I also love the community aspect of pax meeting fellow creators as well as fans is super fun!

Tell us a little bit about your experience at a large gaming event?
Going to big gaming events as a creator is really fun and I like to always say you never know what will happen. It’s normally a mix of excitement, meeting new people and playing tons of really fun games. I wont lie its exhausting but a good type of exhausting like after a good workout and I always come back feeling creatively charged.

Why do you think it’s important or not important to go?
I think it’s really important especially as a new creator to go to these events. The most important thing I can say to a creator is have fun but also work hard. Bring a stack of business cards and by the end of the event have nothing left. Not only will you meet other creators to potentially collaborate with but also people from the gaming industry. You can get to know game devs in person and use your connections to get early copies of games or even open doors to future events. Like I said you never know what will happen so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to everyone.

Do you think events help your brand as a creator? Why or why not?
I think events help allot as a creator who is trying to establish their brand. Meeting fans in person often helps creators establish a better understanding of who their viewers are and the brand they are trying to portray. Whenever I meet a fan I usually ask more questions then they do because I want to use that feedback to perfect my brand and how a make videos.

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