YouTube is huge – we mean, HUGE – and it’s not getting any smaller. It’s the second largest search engine on the planet behind only Google itself, and has more than one billion users a month around the world. Crazier still, with over a million creators from 61 countries and more than 100 hours of content uploaded every minute to their platform, YouTube has become a massively competitive market for content creators trying to make it big.

So how do you stand out?

Well, that’s what BBTV is here for, and there’s one major element to success that’s common for every large content creator out there: QUALITY. Seems a bit obvious, doesn’t it? But what exactly do we mean when we say Quality as it relates to video content?  Is it filmed with a costly camera? Nope, most of the big guys use middle-of-the-pack cameras to shoot their content Do they have a big budget? They might have a better budget now than when they started, but they had to start somewhere. Give up?

Quality = the amount of effort you put into your craft, regardless of how much access you have to a budget or better equipment.

Again it seems a bit obvious, but just like any business, going into what you do with a full head of steam is going to yield better rewards than going in with a half-hearted attempt. That’s the difference between the average YouTuber and a potentially successful content creator!

That means looking back on your own work with a critical set of eyes, and making sure that you’re happy with every bit of content that you release. Will it make a huge difference immediately and on its own? Not exactly. Will it give you the ultimate platform for success paired with things like OPTIMIZATION, ANALYSIS AND COLLABORATION? Absolutely.

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