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The #BBTVFam is packing their bags, grabbing their passports, and saving their voices for THE BIGGEST event to hit the UK – Summer in the City 2017! We caught up with Melanie Murphy, who shared with us her advice for those going to SITC, gave us the scoop on her upcoming book, and has a special shout out for all  you adoring fans heading to SITC.

For viewers who aren’t already familiar with your content, what is your channel all about? Tell us a bit about yourself & how you got started on YouTube? Where do you see your channel going in the future?

My channel is essentially a virtual extension of me…I share a lot of thoughts on topics that are close to my heart as well as more lighthearted, personality based stuff! I cover all things body image, sex, health and food, relationships, life and hobbies, beauty, confidence…you name it 🙂 I started my channel in the summer of 2013 when I was super shy in university, to become better at public speaking and to make friends, having no idea what it would or even could, become! My biggest goal with YouTube is to make as many people feel as happy and connected and motivated and positive as possible so to reach 1 million subscribers and to receive the gold play button would be huge. I’m almost half way there already!

Who do you find inspiration from for your channel? Who’s your favorite YouTuber?

I used to find inspiration from whoever I was watching and from movies, from friends, from conversations I’d have…now, I find a lot of inspiration from my YouTube pals! Hannah Witton, Lucy Moon, Dodie Clark, Riyadh K are some friends that really inspire me. I adore vlogs too, even though I’m not a daily vlogger…and my favourite YouTuber CONSTANTLY changes depending on the week, or the day even, and my mood, but currently it’s got to be either Anna Akana or Superwoman!

Your first book’s about to be released! Tell us about it! Have you enjoyed the writing process? Could there be more on the horizon?

It is! Finally! I started it late 2015/early 2016 and re-started it a couple of times due to life getting in the way and feeling super intimidated by the task! It’s a word baby marrying advice and memoir style writing, and I get super deep on a lot of topics that I’ve brushed on on my channel…such as eating disorders and coming out as bisexual. To be totally honest I didn’t enjoy the writing process nearly as much as I did the editing process and deciding on a cover, working with an illustrator, all that fun stuff! Because my main love is fiction and this was a book entirely rooted in my real life. It was therapeutic but very, very difficult! I’m keen to write more though. So the experience was clearly positive overall!

Do you prefer being an author or a YouTuber? Do you have a similar creative process when you’re coming up with a video and a manuscript?

The two are so very different, that’s like asking me do I prefer having a brother or a sister haha! I enjoy both in entirely different ways, however there is a lot of creative overlap. Once an idea sparks I like to just jump on the creativity plane and see where I land…I never know how I’m going to get from A to B, but that’s where the fun lies…where the challenge is! If I had to do one for the rest of my life (make videos, or write) I’d choose to make videos because firstly, it can involve writing…such as when I work on a short film style video, but also because honestly, film is my one true love and making videos online allows me to try on lots of different hats. I’d love to get into film and work on bigger productions (this week I’m creating my first PROPER short film with five other people and a script and everything! I’m even self funding it, eep!).

You’re heading to SITC in just a couple of weeks! What are you most excited for at SITC?

EVERYTHING! This will be my fourth time at SITC…in 2014 I was basically a newbie YouTuber and fangirl (yes I did vlog at it, and yes I did fangirl over people I’d later go on to collaborate with and befriend haha!) and every year I just take it all in and appreciate every mad moment: the meet up with viewers and meeting them around the convention centre, the chilling with YouTube pals in the green room, the parties at night…it’s all so much fun!

Do you have any advice for people attending SITC for the first time?

I do! Plan ahead and make a schedule so you don’t miss panels and stuff that you really want to see…MAKE NEW FRIENDS by chatting to people in meet up lines and at merch stalls, also keep an eye on our Twitter accounts as many of us try to do little random meet ups if and when we can, aside from our main ones! Especially YouTubers with less subscribers (who won’t be overthrown in the convention centre haha). Finally, if you suffer from social anxiety, make sure to take lots of chill time between the mad bursts – I do, and so do many of my YouTube friends…we need some quiet time every couple of hours to recharge! It’s intense!

What do you want to say to all your adoring fans?

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the insane levels of support and kindness. My internet #faMely are incredible and they make me smile every single day xxx

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Melanie Murphy is Headed to Summer in the City 2017!

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