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The #BBTVFam is packing their bags, grabbing their passports, and getting pumped for THE BIGGEST event to hit the UK – Summer in the City 2017! We caught up with the one and only Master Wong, who shared with us his best advice for getting into fighting shape for SITC.

SITC---Partner-Social-Master-Wong1. For viewers who aren’t already familiar with your content, what is your channel all about?

My channel is mainly based on the martial arts i do, which is wing chun, self defence, Tai Chi and JKD as well as a few others and health well being. My content is humours, educational with entertainment value .

2. Tell us a bit about yourself & how you got started on YouTube?

I joined Youtube just simply so i can share my training system, knowledge and vision to the world.

3. Where do you see your channel going in the future?

I like to think that my channel is growing and reaching out to people who can make the most of it in a positive way. I like it to be able to influence people to better them selves and build self confidence. A lot of people tend to learn martial art and build false confidence and i think my system gives them a bit of a reality check. The vision I have is realistic and I feel it is able to prepare you mentally and physically, if applied correctly you have a good chance of dealing with challenges ahead of you.

4. Tell us about the Master Wong System. What was the reason behind developing the system?

The Master Wong system is a modified system to adapt to this present time but also not forgetting about the traditional side. Its purpose is so it can deal with other styles of fighting and use self defence technique that is required to deal with attacks known of today. The whole system is not just about fighting. Its for the mind body and sole and to grow as a personal development journey.

5. What do you want to tell people who are thinking of becoming the best version of themselves?

Just keep on learning and experiencing new things. Keep an open mind and you will grow so much as a person. Having a big heart helps. Learn to give  before you take. Learn to put value in people and rewards will come your way eventually.

6. In this day and age, what do you want the public to know about the importance of understanding proper self-defence?

Your actions, skill, and thinking is what can save you. You have to use what you practice, so practice what you would use. Training in real time is essential so you can react and respond quickly when the times come.

7. You’re heading to SITC in just a couple of weeks! What are you most excited for at SITC?

Expanding my knowledge and learning new things. It will be nice to meet everyone who supported me and my channel, especially the BBTV team who has supported me throughout the years.

8. Do you have any advice for people attending SITC for the first time?

Well it’s my first time also, so just get there and have a fun time and absorb like a sponge.

9. And finally…How do I get ripped? (Asking for a friend)

Easy, train hard and have a nutritional diet. Learn to manage your diet properly. Six pack is built in the kitchen not the Gym!

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Master Wong is Headed to Summer in the City 2017!

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