100 million gamers can’t be wrong…right? That’s probably the question you’ll ask about the global phenomenon that is Minecraft – the anti-game of modern gaming. There’s no characters, levels, accomplishments, or story to follow.  Instead of slick graphics, Minecraft’s visuals are a throwback straight from the ‘80s. But that’s the real story with Minecraft, that there isn’t one. Instead there’s an online world of exploration and imagination that’s got gamers of all ages totally hooked.

Minecraft gameplay begins with breaking and placing blocks. This creates imaginative objects of all kinds. Simple enough right? Well as the game grew players started working together, building unbelievable communities and jaw-dropping worlds. This is open-ended gameplay at its most primal…and it’s freaking addictive. “Let’s Play” videos on YouTube have some of their strongest followings here and have led to the emergence of Minecraft YouTubers reaching celebrity status.

Some of our Partners, including MineworksAnimations have amassed insanely huge followings that keep growing all by creating Minecraft videos and Mods that get other players flocking to their channels for inspiration and entertainment. You’ll never know what to find on Minecraft and the world inside keeps getting cooler, so log-in and take a peek.

Makin’ it Big on Minecraft

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