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Every year, it seems we spend all of October trying to figure out the ultimate Halloween costume that’ll top last year’s and leave everyone else at the party awestruck. It isn’t easy, and after procrastinating and going back and forth on dozens of ideas that you just can’t seem to find the time to make happen, suddenly it’s the morning of the 31st. What now?! 

YouTube has the answer

Beauty vloggers are a real industry on the platform, producing amazing how to make-up tutorials that inspire the masses. Halloween is the perfect time for these pros to really let loose and get creative. And creativity (not to mention ingenuity) is exactly what you’ll find here. Whether you want to be a Disney Princess, a chic skeleton, a corpse bride (like the one above), or something much more sinister, there are literally countless YouTube tutorials to help make it happen. With just a few swipes of make-up, there’s a way to turn yourself into something totally unrecognizable this Halloween.

Not a make-up expert? 

Don’t sweat it, all sorts of skill levels are represented here. Whether you need a last minute idea or want to add a little something extra to your costume, YouTube is a goldmine for creating a lasting impression during this year’s festivities.

So this Halloween, don’t sit around stressing, start searching for inspiration on YouTube and you’ll have that perfect ghoulish get-up in now time. And even if you’ve got your costume set, take a look at the eerie effects these gurus are dreaming up, I can guarantee you’ll never look at make-up the same way again.

A great example is our partner Letzmakeup – check out her channel for mind-blowing makeup transformations.


The Magic of Make-up: A Halloween How To

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