Step inside the spectacular world of the animal kingdom as this week we put the extraordinary team behind MaxAnimal, (who happen to be a few of BBTV’s wildest creators), into the limelight!

What makes this channel so special? The MaxAnimal team is willing to go places others are afraid to venture, allowing them to film raw, undiscovered stories that give viewers access to the world of nature as it really is – ferocious, untamed, violent, and above all – WILD!

MaxAnimal was born as a place for wildlife filmmakers, tour guides and archivists to test their programming and video skills on a large audience, and with the YouTube explosion, create the perfect place to share the real life, untamed world of the dangerous and captivating creatures we share this planet with!

Millions of viewers have already tuned in to the team’s investigative and compelling uploads, unlocking the incredible, hidden force of the animal kingdom in all its glory! It’s an addictive ride of shock and entertainment that’ll have you gasping in pure awe!

With new videos weekly, this channel features everything from killers whales to lions, to giant spiders and every fascinating creature (big and small) in between! Whether you want to see attacks, the bizarre, the endangered or the fun, MaxAnimal is for you!

So what keeps these guys going? The team finds their inspiration and motivation from what’s out there in the wild – the crazy creatures roaming the land and hiding under the ocean depths just waiting to be captured in their true habitat, and the extraordinary response from viewers tuning in! Seeing the comments, even feedback that they’ve helped inspire someone to get more involved in animal activism, really makes the hard work worth it! The team is constantly on the hunt for new ideas and looks to their viewers for feedback and suggestions on which wild creatures they’re dying to see next.

A highlight so far has been the huge response they got from one of their personal favourite videos, ‘Great White Shark Attacks Inflatable Boat!’ After working with legendary adventurer and South African Tour Operator, Rainer Schimpf, to capture the clip, the video went viral, picking up coverage on major news outlets and even getting a feature on Good Morning America!

So what’s next? Going forward MaxAnimal will keep giving animal lovers everywhere even more jaw-dropping, emotion-eliciting footage! They’re also looking to inspire tour guides and filmmakers everywhere to make their own videos of encounters with their favourite or most feared creatures. So keep tuning in and discover even more of the craziest animal encounters on Youtube!

Check out their channel here! 

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In The Limelight: The Wild World of MaxAnimal!

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