Typical Gamer has become a YouTube star for his videos that feel like you’re playing GTA with one of your bros with that perfect balance of jokes and gaming insight. Serving his fan base a steady stream of online tips, tricks, guides, and easter eggs for GTA 5 and other games has allowed the gaming aficionado to build a huge following…and by huge, we’re talking 5 million subscribers!

Last Thursday, the popular BBTV partner hit the amazing 5 million subs milestone and it doesn’t take long into his videos to understand his steady climb up the YouTube creator ladder. As he plays the game and chats to his viewers, Typical Gamer exudes confidence but also an authentic gameplay experience. Typical Gamer is exactly who GTA made their games for.
You can check out some of his videos below and just like GTA, the videos are not always appropriate for young viewers.


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In The Limelight: Typical Gamer

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