Awaken your inner foodie and step into the delicious world of Todd’s Kitchen! You’ll be amazed by his mouth-watering, jaw-dropping creations, and his super simple recipes that have everyone online coming back for seconds! Peel your eyes away from those yummy videos on his channel as we shine the limelight on Todd’s Kitchen!

Growing up in Australia with his biggest cooking inspiration, his mother, Todd was fascinated by how she could take any recipe and turn it into a masterpiece! He learned quickly how to make cooking simple and easy on the wallet. As his passion for cooking and baking grew he decided to share his skills with YouTube. He created Todd’s Kitchen so that he could share his recipes with other home cooks and those who are looking for cooking inspiration or to jazz up their regular meals. His channel model has always been to create food that anyone else could make in their own kitchen!

Today, Todd’s Kitchen is a destination for aspiring and veteran cooks alike, as the place to find exciting, fresh and inventive recipes! Todd ensures that you will always have something different to undertake with new, do-it-yourself recipes released every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday! Your kitchen will never be boring again!

As for advice to his viewers, fans and aspiring cooks? Todd has learned that practice makes perfect and the more you work at the recipes the better you will become! He has set out to produce videos with food that is attainable for all levels of culinary creation skills. Remember, just because the finished product may look complicated, doesn’t mean you can’t make it!

The future’s looking bright and tasty for Todd’s Kitchen and viewers can look forward to many new cooking challenges! Break out your BBQ’s because Todd has an exciting feature coming soon to his channel that will center around mouthwatering outdoor recipes, just in time for summer!
So if you are looking to spice things up in your kitchen, impress guests at a party or just really, really hungry, head to Todd’s Kitchen and try to pick just one delicious recipe! Todd will make cooking a piece of cake!

In The Limelight – Todd’s Kitchen

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