In today’s world, there’s a lot of ways to pick up on new skills you’re interested in learning. You can go online and find a tutorial on pretty much anything you’re interested in, with step-by-step instructions that should make it pretty clear. But things aren’t always as easy to follow as they first may seem, especially when there’s an even more effective kind of tutorial now out there for you to enjoy – video tutorials.

This week we’re shedding some light on a BBTV partner who’s spent the last few years driving viewers to his channel by offering up amazing, clear-cut YouTube tutorials on the ins and outs of graphic design, and that’s why we’re putting SymmetryTutorials In The Limelight.

This channel is the work of Ryan Duffy, a young graphic design student currently pursuing his studies at the prestigious Antonelli Institute. His channel is built to help viewers understand and execute design no matter their current skill level or goals. Topics on the channel run the gamut from front-end design to motion graphics, using programs like Photoshop and Cinema 4D.

And if you’re looking for him to cover a topic, just reach out! He actively listens to viewer requests and creates the videos you want to see.

So be sure to check out this channel today!

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In The Limelight: SymmetryTutorials

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