BBTV partner Sweet Emelyne’s YouTube channel gives followers a view into the world of a twenty-three year old’s love for everything retro and Disney. The ultra-feminine YouTuber is growing her audience or as she calls them, her “vintage dolls” by releasing weekly videos that touch on various lifestyle topics like baking, tea time, vintage hauls, makeup and health routines – all with a retro touch to them.

This weekend Sweet Emelyne’s hit a huge milestone with 100k subscribers! The rising YouTuber is picking up steam, amassing a loyal fanbase for being authentic and unapologetic about how her whimsical style goes beyond decor and clothes but also how she lives her daily life.

Take a look at some of her videos below and check out Sweet Emelyne’s channel to add some cute inspiration in your life.


Back To School Morning Routine

SweetEmelyne’s Room Tour 2017



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In The Limelight: Sweet Emelyne’s

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