Variety, it’s the spice of life right? Well that’s what drives BBTV partner SniffleWiffle and why this week, we’re putting him In The Limelight! SniffleWiffle can’t be defined by just one thing. His channel is a medley of entertainment. Mainly gaming yes, but he’s always mixing it up with what he’s putting up. So sit back, relax and start browsing through his stuff. It’s why he does what he does after all, to keep you entertained without even having to get out of bed.

Feeling like a good story?

That’s what this YouTuber loves to put the spotlight on, and why story-driven games are his absolute favourite. He’s creating amazing mods on Minecraft and is looking to expand into animation in the coming year. And he loves bringing viewers into his own story, enlisting his partner Dave for some multiplayer play whenever he can, especially when he’s able to capture the laugh-filled recording.

What’s his favourite gameplay uploaded to his channel this year? Tough, tough call but tellTale’s “The Walking Dead” has to take the cake here. The story, characters, and controls are tailor-made for this gamer’s passion!

So what’s next for this YouTuber? More of the same, but bigger and better! Look for this channel to start adding vlogs and animations to the line-up, connecting SniffleWiffle even closer to the viewers he loves. Getting into the community, he’s looking to flex his charitable muscles and get involved with other YouTubers participating in big events.

But why focus on what could be next, this guy is just grateful for what’s happening now. A great, close-knit community that’s embraced what he’s doing, and keeps coming back for more. So if you’re a gamer at heart and love a good story, check out SniffleWiffle!


In The Limelight: SniffleWiffle

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