So what does it take to be a successful YouTuber? Is it personality? Content? Timing? Or a combination of all of the above?

That’s the question filmmakers and BBTV partners Sean Horlor and Steve Adams are asking in the first episode of their new documentary series SHIFT.

Episode One: YouTube Star

The guys look for the answers throughout the 24-minute episode titled YouTube Star, which premiered yesterday. The episode begins as Sean and Steve launch their YouTube channel from scratch and find out what it takes to make it online. Along the road, they get advice from Austin Pamaj, a BBTV Gaming Partner whose Pamaj channel has over 1.7 million subscribers, and learn the ropes from a few other notable creators in the Vancouver area. After experiencing some surprising early success, the duo find themselves on the YouTube radar, and eventually land in a meeting here with us at BBTV as we work together to further their success.

The SHIFT Series

The SHIFT documentary series is a passion project from the two filmmakers, produced with the support of Telus. Set to have six-parts, with the first three episodes now online, the topics of the series vary widely but remain centered on really looking at the big and small questions we’re facing in our day-to-day lives. All episodes will be available on the SHIFT YouTube channel, and also broadcast by TELUS on their Optik TV video-on-demand service and their TELUS Optik Local YouTube channel.

Share Your Idea. Win a Go Pro! 

The first four SHIFT episode topics were Sean and Steve’s own, but for the final two entries they’re looking for help and crowdsourcing ideas from viewers and fans on social media and a livestream session (via Google Hangout Live) on May 21, 2015.

Submit your idea and you’ll be entered to win a Go Pro!

See if they choose yours when the final two episodes air on July 9th.

Are you looking for help making it bigger online?  Become a part of our thriving community full of talented creators, and learn more about what partnership with us could mean for your channel!

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