Hope you’re having a PURRfect Friday! Whether you’re online or off, everyone seems to adore cats. And thanks to the internet and YouTube, they’ve become an online sensation! From the infamous Grumpy Cat, to the adorable Snoopy, to Hamilton the Hipster Cat, feline furballs everywhere are taking over! . That’s why this week, we’re covering a mix of BBTV Creators who are dominating the CAT-egory with their channels dedicated to some fantastic felines. Sit back and enjoy, this PURRfect edition of In The Limelight!



Step into Robert’s CATMANTOO YouTube channel and get your mind blown by his videos of cats doing cool tricks! Robert, with 33 years of animal training experience, shows you how intelligent and teachable cats can be. Not only does his channel features his rescue cat ‘Didga’ doing amazing stunts, but it’s also an excellent destination for cat owners to learn insightful tips on caring for those oft-times fickle felines! Some of his uploads include stopping your cat’s behavioural issues, training cats to use the toilet and more. Watch his most popular uploads here:

10 Cats.

You think looking after one cat is tough? Well just think about doubling it,  or maybe timesing it by ten! Keisuke, a huge cat lover, manages to take care of 10 cats and even share their cheerful, heart-warming moments on his YouTube channel 10 Cats. The 10 cats featured in his videos all have different background stories, including ones that were found on the streets and others that were born at home. Keisuke decided to move from watching cats online to broadcasting cats on YouTube, because he loved the idea of documenting all of his 10 cats playing together like a family. Check out his playlist of popular uploads here:


Do you have a craving for more adorable cat videos? No worries! Catsbook has got you covered! From cat Vine compilations to cat lessons and cute and trending cat news, this channel has all cat everything for you. Unlike the other two channels, Catsbook is actually a community for cat lovers. It has some of the best collections of cat videos and images submitted by cat lovers all around the world. Check out their most popular upload here:


Stay tuned every week to see what new videos the #BBTVBlog has in store for you!

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In the Limelight: A Purrfect Friday With Cat Videos From BBTV Creators!

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