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Who didn’t grow up playing games in the Mario universe? The little man in red, along with his pals Luigi and Yoshi, is one of the most iconic video game characters of all-time. He’s the man, doing everything from mastering the racetrack, to laying the smackdown on Bowser, to always getting the girl! Well if you’re looking for  a fresh dose of Mario, just check out our latest BBTV partner to enter into the Limelight – PowerToMario! 

This BBTV Creator started his channel all the way back in 2008, working with a group of other enthusiastic YouTubers in a collaboration that even led to a group channel with over 10K subs! Now he’s concentrating on his own Mario-centric channel, focused on making meaningful connections and getting his viewers and fellow content producers involved in the creative process.

So what can you look forward to from this YouTuber?

Currently he has a regular posting schedule on Mondays and Fridays:

On Promotion Mondays, he offers a showcase of other YouTube channels, putting the spotlight on creators he believes are doing awesome work and deserve more attention than they’re currently receiving! On Gaming Fridays he shoots recordings of current games that he’s playing or that have been requested from his fans. It’s a great way to get an introduction to titles that aren’t normally part of his channel content.

And starting on February 3rd, get ready for an all new let’s play Mario series! This time he’s taking on Paper Mario, with a twist. The series will be done without using any other partners, so Mario will be the only one who can attack and use items.

You can also check out weekly streams on his Twitch channel, with Civilization 5 currently streamed every Sunday evening at 8:00pm EST. He will also be starting a unique Pokemon Emerald Partylocke playthrough on Twitch, which will be announced soon!

Finally, the BIG event of 2015 so far is coming up in April with the 2015 Mariolympic Games (or the Mariolympics). It’s set to be a four-week competition where athletes representing various nations will dive into a wide variety of video game challenges pulled from games in the Super Mario Bros. universe. Registration begins February 4, 2015 and more information is available on his YouTube channel under the Mariolympics playlist. Check out his channel for more here.

Phrasefinder 5.0:

We’re off to our fifth BBTV #phrasefinder contest! Find the hidden BBTV tip below, with today’s post revealing the second clue! Be ready on Tuesday when the third clue is revealed. You’re one step closer to a chance of winning an amazing promo package from us!

Get _____ _____ with an _____ _____.

Review contest rules here.

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