Merrell Twins

They sing, they act, and they’ll make you laugh! They’re The Merrell Twins!

The place to find the hottest new talent today is on YouTube. Need proof? Well according to a recent survey published by Variety, YouTube stars are the most influential among the 13-18 year old demographic in the U.S., eclipsing movie and TV idols. Even actors fronting major franchises and singers selling out arenas trail in clout according this report! As we discussed earlier this week, YouTube has had a huge impact on the music industry, and online video has become an invaluable tool for emerging artists to get their stuff out there to a wider audience. In this week’s In The Limelight we’re showcasing a great example of young talents making it big online and putting the spotlight on the very talented up-and-coming Merrell Twins.

These Missouri-raised girls have made the move to LA and are mixing it up on their YouTube channel with uploads showcasing their amazing range in both comedy and music. And they’ve got people listening up! Since starting their channel, the twins have seen a steady rise in subscribers and keep on growing. They upload their latest stuff every Tuesday, giving their fans a variety of entertainment. You’ll find this multi-talented duo nailing everything from popular song covers and original compositions to back-to-school survival tips and twin telepathy challenges. Some of their most popular original works include the very funny Expectations vs. Reality and the super-catchy Never Go Back.

What’s Next? 

This hard-working twosome has been particularly busy this past summer, and have been giving a fans a sneak-peek of what’s on the horizon through their social media channels. They even recently filmed episodes for The CW’s highly-anticipated show Jane The Virgin, again showcasing the movement of YouTube stars to mainstream media through their ever-growing influence with the public. Keep it locked on these two in the future, we’re sure very big things are ahead!

In The Limelight: The Merrell Twins

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