Melanie Murphy

A huge demographic driving YouTube is teenage girls and women in their early-mid 20s. And they’re getting in the action on both sides of the camera. Some of the biggest YouTube personalities working online today are in this age bracket, creating content aimed at helping and inspiring their peers. One such example is Miss Melanie Murphy! Melanie has over 100K subscribers tuning in and has amassed over 9 million views since starting her channel just over a year ago, and she’s this week’s In The Limelight!

A self-professed makeup obsessive, Melanie battled acne throughout her adolescence. She didn’t let issues with her skin knock her down though, and has become a well-known make-up and hair guru sharing her hints, tricks, and experiences on her channel.

She puts the spotlight on her imperfections and shows how you can use makeup to empower your appearance and sense of self. Her tips are both informative and affordable, and she’s got a whole community of girls listening up and sending their praise.  Her most popular upload to date, a how to tutorial on covering up acne and scars has racked up over 5.4 M views.


Melanie & Kandesa 

Melanie has teamed up with BBTV and has been a big part of of our new Kandesa network. Kandesa is the first network on YouTube fully dedicated to the Feminine Lifestyle Network, offering a vibrant community of online personalities sharing their passions from style or beauty tutorials, to health vlogs, to an eclectic mix of everything girls love to share.

We can’t wait to see what’s ahead for Melanie Murphy as she keeps posting and keeps inspiring with fresh content each week!

In The Limelight: Melanie Murphy

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